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UNIT 1 - Introduction to Cultural Competence - Key Knowledge (U1_ICC19)

Introduction to Cultural Competence Unit 1: Key knowledge gives you a framework to understand Australian cultural diversity. It sets a clear, positive agenda for how you can think about creating a culturally responsive workplace. You’ll learn how you can reduce barriers that create poorer outcomes for migrant and refugees who use Australian services.

Unit 1: Key Knowledge takes about 45 minutes and is perfect if you need essential knowledge of cultural competence.

Learning Goals:
After completing Unit 1, you will gain clear knowledge of:
- Australian cultural diversity and government policies that impact your work
- Proven strategies to guide your work with migrant and refugees
- Experiences migrants and refugees have before getting to Australia
- Impact how quickly they fit in here and how you work with them
- How you can work with interpreters and translations to improve services for migrants and refugees

You can get started immediately and complete the course at your own pace. Your progress is saved at the end of each section.

Please use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser to do this training. Microsoft Internet Explorer does not work well.

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  • 2019 ICC Unit 1 Key Knowledge v5
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years